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Managing your money is so often an overwhelming, time-consuming, and downright scary thing. Terence Tobin, Salomé Nel and Gavin Lewin, of Rich Ideas Group, are here to help you on your journey. If you’re looking for information about investments, budgeting and money – you can check out the resources.

If you’re looking for financial planning and advice, then you’re more than welcome to contact us for a complimentary first consultation!

Your family's finances deserve a great plan

Sometimes you feel pressured into making decisions that will impact your financial well-being with limited amounts of knowledge, and complicated jargon-filled documents that are nearly impossible to understand.

At Rich Ideas Group, we feel it is essential to cut through all of that complexity by focusing on you and your unique needs. We also believe that if you do not understand something, then we must unpack it with you in such a way where you fully understand what solution is on offer. We want to make sure that the products we have on offer actually meet your needs and are never simply sold to you to make a profit.

Terence, Salomé and Gavin understand that people are different. We also realise that the big picture is vital in moving you forward on your journey. 

This is why we focus on all aspects of your financial situation – not just policies and products. 

We look at your financial world as a whole, and get everything to work together as a whole. 

We believe that putting the right policies in place is just part of a healthy financial plan. Developing your own set of skills with regards to personal finance and feeling more in control of your financial journey is of the utmost importance. 

Terence, Salomé and Gavin

Journey safely with your family.

Terence, Salomé and Gavin understand the holistic picture of your journey


Grow, preserve and enjoy what you have.


Protect you and your family from financial crisis.


Structure your financial interests and legacy.


Navigate the largest expense that households face.

Salomé Nel - Female Focussed Financial Planner

I have a passion to work with all ladies, either married or single, young or with more maturity.

If you have questions regarding your finances, savings, retirement or any other financial matters and do not know who or where to ask for help, you have reached the right person.

Learn more about Salomé and what she can offer you.  

Gavin Lewin - Financial Planner for Professionals

Gavin has three decades of
experience in the financial
services industry, is industry
qualified & accredited via the Financial Planning Institute and the FSCA and is also unashamedly ethical.

As a fiercely independent financial planner and not tied to any product house, he charges a fee for service.

Learn more about Gavin and what he can offer you.