How Can We help?

Let's Journey Together.

Most of the time, I’m working with clients who’ve never had non product focused financial planning experience.  They come to me either thinking I am fund manager or stock picker (I am not), or they have a very specific financial issue they’re trying to tackle.

Maybe they’re buying their first home, starting a business, or getting a handle on a retirement plan. Very few could rattle off all the areas of financial planning or explain what holistic advice entails.  

Yet, comprehensive financial planning is something that everyone can benefit from.  Even if you’re good at the rands and cents part, selected great unit trusts or ETF’s, you could probably still benefit from thinking through some new financial planning strategies. While you can research a lot of this stuff on your own, you have a day job that keeps you busy.  At some point it’s much easier to consult an expert than to wade through mountains of news articles.  A good financial planner can also spot issues that you might not be thinking about at all. 

Don’t you hate people selling you products? I do too. 

My primary goal is seeing you better off. I want to know that you’ll be in a better financial position and to live the life you dream about.  

I can help you cut through the noise and nonsense and help you to focus on what is really important. 

Let’s embark on a financial planning journey – that focuses on you and not products – to ensure you can design and live your best life.

What is on offer?


If you need advice, have questions, calculations or financial models, I can help!


Money habits and wise financial skills are obtained through our financial planning discussions.


If you need products, I offer help with insurance, investments (onshore and offshore) & retirement etc.

I don't sell you things you don't need.

The most important thing about what I do is that I am in no hurry to sign you up with a policy. Let’s take time in figuring out precisely what you want and need to achieve your goals and then match those goals to what I believe would benefit you the most on your journey. Products, Policies and Portfolios, come last. People First.

My team and I are able to assist where you need help.

Lifestyle Planning and Advisory Services

The journey beings with providing you with a plan, certainty, and clarity. It helps you plot where you are going, understand the obstacles ahead and how to deal with them to ensure you reach your financial goals.

Wills , Trusts, Deceased Estate

Have a voice and make decisions on what happens to your wealth, who looks after your children and protecting your loved ones.

Let’s design your ultimate legacy plan!

Investment Planning: Education, Retirement, Tax Free, Offshore

Simply keeping your money in the bank does not grow wealth. Having various solutions to cater for your investment needs and goals ensures that they become a reality.

No your money is not safer under your mattress.

Income Protection/Replacement Cover

Without this cover, you could find yourself without any income but still with many living expenses (bond, rent, car payments, insurance, children’s needs, and family responsibilities). Let us take care of that worry for you by providing you an income either until you recover, reach retirement or as needed for the remainder of your life.

Dread Disease/Severe Illness Cover

Treatment to manage or cure these ailments is often very expensive and specialised. Without funding, how will you be able to get the best medical care available?

Disability Cover

Help relieve some of the financial burdens from lifestyle changes that would be required and to settle outstanding debts

Life Cover

Your family are dependent on you for their livelihood, including monthly expenses like school fees, transportation costs, food, and clothing.  When you are not here, that income stream stops. How will they survive and continue their standard of living?

Car and Home Insurance

If you are looking for a second opinion or a quote on what you need for car or home insurance, then we’re more than willing to assist. This also includes business insurance and commercial coverage.

Tax and Accounting Services

Understanding the Income Tax Act and what you can claim or deduct to reduce your taxable income is not an easy task.  Let our skilled experts help you to ensure you get the best advice.