Fee Structure

An Explanation of Fees

My business is a fee-based financial planning practice, which means that I charge fees for my financial planning and advisory services.

This can be anything from a financial planning session, assisting you with your current investments, administrative services, as well as a fee for ongoing financial planning services.

Our first consult, I call “Do We Fit”. You can ask me anything, I want to get to you know a bit and from there we can see if we should continue our partnership.  The value of this session is R1250 and is at my expense – meaning no fee to you, nor obligation.

Why do I charge fees?

The financial planning fee that I charge, is for the real financial planning, which includes the forecasting, projections, review of your total portfolios, analysis, etc. Upon implementation of solutions, commission may be generated, which will include the ongoing maintenance, care and administration that we will provide on your portfolio going forward. 

The first fee is for the analysis, planning and independent advice provided by us, much like visiting your doctor. And the second fee, is for when a product gets implemented, much like when you then visit the pharmacy to collect the medication prescribed by your doctor.

We do however discuss all our fees in the first introductory meeting (which is at my expense) and no obligation to you. Once we have an idea of what financial planning services you will require, we will be able to advise you what fee this will incur.

I will never send you a surprise invoice, all fees are disclosed and discussed upfront.

My financial planning fee is customised to your needs and requirements, ranging from R23 500 to R37 500 per annum excluding SA VAT (many payment options are available); which we can discuss at our first session.

Should we implement product solutions for you, any fees/commissions on these products, will be disclosed and discussed with you. 

Meaning we can do advice/planning only or advice/planning with implementation too.

Managing Expectations

What you can expect from me:

  • Someone you can talk to about you finances and goals; no shame or blame. 
  • An accountability partner; go-to-guy.
  • Independent and objective financial planning specific to your needs, goals and lifestyle.
  • Never force you into a product or policy. They are simply tools, to acheive financial success.
  • Regular communication, updates and information – via WhatsApp, Email, Phone Calls, Newsletters, Blogs, Podcasts and Videos.
  • Always learning, upskilling and networking to ensure you are well looked after.

What I expect from you:

  • Open, honest and clear communication.
  • When my team and I ask for information, provide it to us, so I can do my best work for you. If you are not comfortable, talk to me, so I can explain why I need it and the impact of not having it.
  • Talk to me, if you are unhappy or feel I do not live up to your expectations.
  • Payment of invoices when due. I hate asking to be paid nor want to become a debt collector.