Am I really independent?

Are you really independent?

A resounding YES!

I have worked in the financial services industry for over 13 years. During that time, I found myself looking to be more for my clients. I wanted to be able to offer planning and advisory assistance without the influence of insurance companies. 

No targets. 

No sales numbers. 

No pressure.  

For me, financial planning is about aligning the use of your time and capital, to ensure that you reach your goals effectively and safely.

Ask what you don't understand

When talking about independent advisors, they need to make time for you. They also need to be able to answer your questions directly – and if they cannot, they need to get the answers for you.

Talk to me about anything, ask me a million questions and let me help guide you on your journey to financial wellness and independence. There is no question too small to ask when it comes to the financial security of you and your loved ones.

A salesperson vs being independent

Trust is an important part of any relationship and I look forward to helping you build your financial future. Independent financial planners and advisors build a relationship with their clients. 

It’s not about sales.

It’s about relationships.

Speak the truth

Many people, often feel guarded, or embarrassed when reviewing their financial situation. 

I really want the best for you. For this reason, I will tell you, honestly, if a product, investment or service is suitable for you. 

I will give you the advice you NEED to hear, even if I don’t make money from it – money can be replaced, but people cannot.   I want relationships for DECADES.